HACCP and other systems in catering

Do you need help with critical control points system (HACCP), with preparation of an audit or need to draw HACCP manual? Do you need to train employees in HACCP and hygienic minimum?

We offer you our professional knowledge and experience in drafting a plan of critical points, determination of hazard analysis, control measures.

If you plan to open a new business, we will review the project documentation with respect to the legislation and suggest operationally optimal solution.

We will help you with nutrition claims and allergens specification and will assist with the interpretation of existing legislation with respect to control authorities.

Our services are provided for catering house keepers:

  • hotels, guest houses
  • restaurants, catering companies
  • cafes, sweetshops, bars, pubs, fast food, stalls selling
  • closed catering (school cafeteria, canteens, hospitals, social care instituteand others)
  • other subjects in the area of catering services

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  • Counseling of valid and oncoming EU & CZ legislation including commentary and solution draft
  • Assessment of food with regard to nutritional value and potential health risks for the consumer (allergens)
  • Food launch and correct labelling according to valid legislation
  • Assessment of plant projects with regard to food safety and solution proposal
  • Hygienic and technological consultancy in food safety
  • Microbiological and chemical food analyses
  • Negotiations on behalf of clients with control authorities
  • Phone line for your requests on working days from 9 till 17