Cosmetics, detergents, toys and textiles labelling

Leave the study of product labeling legislation fully on us. We guarantee the correctness of the proposed label texts both for food and nonfood products such as cosmetics, detergents and products containing hazardous substances, toys, electronics and other products. Look in detail at our services in this area, or contact our experts.

Nonfood labelling

Detergent is any substance or preparation containing soaps or other surfactants intended for washing and cleaning processes. Labelling of products containing detergents requires Article 11 of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004. The content shall be listed on the packaging of detergents in accordance with the specifications set out in the Annex to the Regulation. If needed, instructions for use and special precautions must be listed on the packaging. Furthermore it is required to make data sheet components that are dedicated for healthcare professionals.

In accordance with current legislation, we offer:

  • Processing of food labelling based on Czech, German and English data according to current EU and CZ legislation

  • Current food labelling control and its subsequent revision according to EU and CZ legislation

  • Monitoring of up-to-date legislative

  • Counselling service (phone and e-mail solutions of topical questions)

  • Issue of certificate for the product about its correct food label in accordance with EU and CZ legislation

  • Labelling processing for other countries, e.g. PL, HU, DE and with additional requirements

  • Take over of guarantee for labelling up to 5 mil. CZC for specific item and potential communication with control authorities