Counseling in the area of industry and retail

Take advantage of our know-how in the area of legislation and launch your product without difficulties, including the label correctness. We focus on the area of ​​both FOOD and NONFOOD especially consumer goods, toys, cosmetics and materials in contact with food.

We will help you with suitable quality system selection for your plant.  We will solve problems and responsibilities associated with the use of hazardous chemicals in plants, align obligations arising from legislation of waste management and environment.

Need to help with implementation of ISO 22716, audit preparation or need to draw up safety data sheets? Need to train staff in waste management area? Take a closer look at our services in the area of industry and reatail and contact us.

Industry and Retail

1. Safety data sheets and REACH issues

The course is dedicated to the Regulation EC 1907/2006 REACH, REACH specification, its nature, essential arrangements in relation to REACH. The seminar is also focused on the process during finding new product information (safety, a new method of use, etc.), resulting action for the quality department. The course specifies what the safety data sheet must contain, obligations of manufacturers, importers and suppliers, registration. The course is intended for quality staff, nonfood, category managers, distribution or buyers.

Scope of the training is 4 hours.


 2. NONFOOD gifts issue

The aim of the seminar is to focus on gifts and other supplements as part of a magazine or goods, the declaration on the product  "50% discount, 50% more", etc. The course also deals with the situation where it is found that the enclosed is defective and must be withdrawn , warranty issue, product return policy and product requirements in general. The seminar is intended for staff quality, or marketing.

Scope of the training is 2 hours.


3. Good manufactoring practice management during cosmetics production - ISO 22716

The course is intended for cosmetic products manufacturers who wish to meet the legislative requirements for good manufacturing practice so as to ensure the desired control level of their production and ensure food safety production. The seminar aims to carry out a basic introduction to the standards for good manufacturing practice in the cosmetics production. The course also includes identification with the application of HACCP method (critical control points system) during the risk analysis.

Scope of  the training is 6 hours.


4. Hygienic minimum for NONFOOD

The aim of this course is to familiarize participants with the basic requirements for persons working in the area of non-food goods sales, for scope of their knowledge. Training is focused on the legal requirements of good hygiene practice. The course is intended primarily for workers in the area of trade non-food operations who shall ensure the quality and safety of sale. Knowledge of these issues will contribute to the improvement of professional skills of staff in various areas of their activitiess and thus to improve their activity towards the end customers.

Outline of the course:

  • Principles of personal hygiene
  • Principles of operational hygiene
  • Requirements for Operating Rules
  • Orientation for the common storage and offering of food and nonfood products
  • Good hygiene practices and HACCP principles

Scope of the training is 6 hours. Free of charge for SOCR members.


5. Hazardous chemical substances and products management

Outline of the course:

  • Introduction to chemicals management issue
  • Interpretation of basic terms
  • Classification of hazardous chemicals and chemical products
  • Handling of hazardous chemicals and chemical products
  • Professional competence in the handling of hazardous chemicals and chemical products
  • Registration chemicals
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Labeling and packaging of hazardous chemicals and chemical products

Scope of the training is chosen according to the size of plant and number of employees.


6. Waste management

The content of this course is to acquaint students with the basics of waste management and waste management in catering operations.

The course aims to make acquaintance with waste management in food production (sorting, collection, waste transfer to authorized person biodegradable waste, composting and biogas production, disposal - incineration and landfill, packaging waste, waste crushers and Water Act) .

Scope of the training is 4 hours. Price according to the scope and number of participants.


7. Environmental legislative

The aim of the course is Water Act, Waste Act, Packaging Act, Air Protection Act, Act on chemical substances management(REACH), Environmental Law, the Law on Access to Information on the Environment and Water Act. The interpretation is extended to biowaste management and disposal of animal by-products.

Outline of the course:

  • Interpretation of basic terms
  • Categorization of air pollution sources and duties of pollution sources
  • Charges for air pollution, sources of air pollution permits
  • Reports in the air protection, scattering studies
  • Obligations in hazardous waste management
  • Collection, purchase, use and disposal of waste
  • Waste management plans
  • Obligations when dealing with certain types of waste
  • Keeping records of waste, charges for waste disposal
  • Planning approval, consents, statements
  • Waste water, harmful substances, obligations in dealing with harmful substances
  • Emergency plans, accidents, obligations during accidents
  • Fees for water collection and discharge
  • Water authorities, water and sewerage, explanation of basic terms
  • Obligations during water and sewer system service

Scope of the training is 1 day.

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